Amazing recipes and secret ingredients leading to truth, benevolence, happiness, and blissed-out taste buds.

 Coming soon, listen to The Pie King’s decrees and see him in action. Long live The Pie King!

If you want to bake an apple pie from scratch, first you must invent the universe.

~Carl Sagan

The Pie King's Mission

Somewhere in America, tucked in the kitchen of a humble café or diner, or maybe a fancy five-star eatery, a dedicated student of pie craft is busy creating the pie of all pies. The Pie of Enlightenment. The quest is on to find this visionary pie maker, and partake of the fabled pie. The Pie King, appointed by Nadine, the muse of all pies, is courageously leading the pie faithful on the journey of discovery and enlightenment that will conclude on October 27, 2012. On this historical day, the winner of the Golden Wedge will be announced and enlightenment will come to all who choose to feast on a slice of the Great Pie.


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